Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So we are back and it has been a long month. I went up to my parents house to pick up Noah and spend a week up there visiting. It was nice and relaxing and went way too fast. We went to the Emo Fair and got the requisite pictures on the carosel and the other kiddie rides. At first Noah hated it, screaming bloody murder. We actually had to stop the ride to get him off. But after 3 or 4 rounds on the carosel he was laughing and waving like all the others and rode the rides until we had to go home. We had so much fun and we got lots of great pictures.

After getting home from Canada, the next week mom came to visit us :-)
She got a weeks vacation and came down to visit and go to the State Fair. It was nice having her here and we were sad to see her go. Luckily Noah still has his papa here and he didnt take it too hard when nana wasnt here to pick him up. He knows she will be back soon. Just a few weeks.

On the home front:
We finally found a house, put in a purchase agreement/contract, the bank accepted, now we are just waiting to get the FHA inspector to come out and let us know what needs to be fixed in order to close on the house. We are looking to move Sept 25. We are now readying our house to be rented to another family. We are painting, finishing the bathroom and just sprucing it up a little. I must say, it is looking pretty nice.

The girls have recently started a new pre-school program at an elementary school by their mom's house. Things work a little differently there. School hot lunches are optional, not provided as part of tuition. Surprise Surprise...their mom wants to do hot lunches. We dont. So we basically told her that. If she wants the lunches, she can pay for them. I would much rather send them school lunches from home. Which is what we did this morning. Now there are dramatics about them getting milk at lunch. She is all worried about how they will get it. Kendra didnt even drink her milk yesterday. Why pay for something they wont drink. We have plenty of juice boxes and it wont kill them to have one at lunch time....yeesh!

*sigh* Alright, back to work now.

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