Thursday, July 31, 2008

My parents kidnapped my son!....well not really

As you know, Noah is up in Canada. He has been there a looooooooooonggg time!! It has been almost a month and I am sure by the time I see him he will be shaving and driving a car--well I exaggerate a little, but you know what I mean. They (dad and noah) should be back by now, but I decided to take some vacation and go to the Fall Fair back home and it didnt make sense to have dad waste the gas to come back and then go back to Canada again in 2 more weeks. So despite missing my little guy like crazy, I decided to let my parents keep him 2 more weeks until I could go pick him up.

In Noah's absence we have been doing a little bit around the house. MJ finally replaced the brown laminate counter top with a pretty nice used one. We replaced the sink and the faucets. This past week I have been priming and painting the bathroom a mossy green color. The last things we need to do is replace the toilet, lay down the new linoleum and put up a surround for the shower. I'm sure it will look really nice when its done.

House hunting: So far, we have found "the one", but the next day when we called to put an offer was sold. We have found some close seconds and are looking at more tonight. I just wish that we could find the right house soon. I hate the in between stuff. I just want to get some renters in our property and us to find a house. Cross your fingers for us.

My birthday was last week. The big 25. I don't feel any older but I do have to say it was a pretty good birthday. MJ really made an effort this year despite not having a lot of money to do it. He bought me some 2 fluffy white shower towels, and 2 matching hand towels, and he had the girls make me a card, and then we had Jim over for a BBQ...and the best part was that I was a little disappointed that I didn' pick up a cake and then up walks MJ with my favorite--DQ Ice Cream Cake.

MJ's birthday is 5 days before me. He is so hard to do anything nice for. It's like he gets all embarrassed that we want to celebrate his birthday. I bought a card for him and had the girls sign it and then I bought him some "Rainbow colored socks--but for boys". I had asked the girls what they wanted to get daddy for his birthday earlier in the week and Abigail says she wanted the rainbow colored socks. So off I went to Target. I found some black dress socks with colored squares on them--rainbow colored socks for boys. LOL The girls were so excited to give it to him.

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