Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, Noah is way over 1 now. He was 24 pounds on last check up and is right on the 50th percentile for everything. Noah is growing so quickly. By the week of his birthday he was taking his first steps. Now you cant get him to sit still for anything.

Noah is a cuddler. He will for no reason come up and hug you, or pat your back. I am teaching him how to kiss and it is soo sweet.

Teething wise things are going good. He doesnt get too fussy and is wonderful compared to other horror stories I have heard.

He is a good eater and loves fruit and veggies--which makes his momma proud.

He is a talker, although most of the times it is incoherent. He will babble like what he is saying is the most normal thing in the world.

He loves his pool!! He loves any type of water and will spend hours splashing around.

Other things going on with us:
I am finally done with school now and am finally a paralegal.
I have a good job in the insurance defense field and it is pretty interesting.
MJ is doing well in his job and work is steady for him.
We are working on moving up to the Northern Suburbs to be closer to the girls' house so that we will be able to push to get our original parenting time back.

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